Bless Support regrets to inform that it will sadly be closing until further notice

Welcome to Bless Support – helping to improve the lives of the elderly, isolated and those living with dementia.

Bless Support provides support to the elderly, frail and those living with Dementia.  The aim is to help you live well by bringing a ray of sunshine to the lives of people who can all too often feel lonely, anxious or depressed either because of their condition or due to isolation.  Bless Support is primarily a small-scale day care service but can also offer 1 to 1 care and advice and support with regards to community information.  

Jenny Chapman launched Bless Support, an independent service provider on 1st July 2016 because she believes in brightening the lives of the elderly and frail by providing trusting care, support, socialisation and friendship. She has seen first-hand how individual care can make all the difference to those whose lives are affected by dementia or other life changing conditions. Her holistic approach, professional training and years of experience give her both empathy and the skill set to improve the lives of those she cares for, in a compassionate and caring way. It is years of experience and Jenny’s genuine love of her work that led her to establish her independent service of Bless Support.

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Brightening the Lives of the Elderly with Socialisation & Stimulation

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Jenny Chapman

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