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Brightening Lives Elderly Social Stimulation

Jenny's professional qualifications and training

Jenny is an experienced, trained professional carer in the community caring for people with physical and mental disabilities, the elderly and frail and those living with dementia since 1998.  Her professional qualifications / training include:-

  • NVQ Level 2 in Health & Social Care
  • Moving & Assisting
  • Health & Safety Awareness - Advanced Certificate
  • Basic First Aid
  • Level 2 Food Hygiene
  • 706/1 & 706/2 Cookery for the Food Industry
  • Nutrition, Diet & Allergy
  • Infection Control
  • Fire Safety
  • Dementia Care 
  • Medication Support
  • Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Depravation of Liberty
  • Mental Capacity
  • Managing Challenging Behaviour
  • Risk Assessment
  • Person Centred Care

In addition to the above qualifications Jenny also holds;

  • Comprehensive insurance to include support with medication
  • Enhanced DBS certificate
  • Awarded the maximum rating of 5 in food hygiene from London Borough of Redbridge Environmental Health Department

How it works

If you feel you would like to know more about how Bless Support services work and ways in which they may assist you or a loved one please contact Jenny in the first instance by phone or email via the ‘Contact Us’ tab.  Jenny will arrange to visit you at home and take a detailed care plan of the needs and support that may be required.  Jenny spends time discussing individual care needs and likes to learn about the person’s interests, their life, family & friends, what makes them laugh, activities they enjoy (or have enjoyed over the years), books they might like and games they may enjoy. This helps Jenny to plan relevant and interesting activities for when the individual comes to visit for the day.  

Annual Survey 2019 Analysis

Dear Client,

Many thanks to you all for taking the time to complete the annual survey and share your excellent feedback and comments of the service you receive by Bless Support. There was a fantastic 100% return rate of the 9 surveys sent to all current clients as of April 2019 and I am happy to share the analysis which is summarised below.

Kind regards,     Sandra Hopkinson & Julie Legg, Focus Social Care Consultants.

  1. When you initially contacted Bless Support, did you find the response and completion of the assessment timely and professional?

100% responded YES

  1. On receiving the service did it meet with initial and continued expectations of social stimulation?

100% responded YES

  • Do you have confidence in Jenny Chapmans ability to care for the person receiving the service and provide suitable activities?

100% responded YES

  1. Has the service been of benefit in supporting the carer of the person attending the group?

100% responded YES

  1. If you have had to complain, was your complaint dealt with to your satisfaction?


  1. Have you used Bless Support for information or signposting to other relevant services?

66.6% responded YES

33.3% responded NO

  1. Do you feel the service is value for money?        

100% responded YES

  1. How do you feel the service can be improved?

11% didn’t respond

66% responded that they felt the service cannot be improved

The remaining 23% had suggestions of

            “more group sessions! Ideally , mum could attend 3 or 4 times a week”

            “government funding and support”


Which have all been individually addressed where possible.



“Jenny has a lovely way with her clients”

”My mother benefits greatly from her visits to Jenny”

“I cannot imagine how it could be better! “

“I have a hundred percent confidence in Jenny’s ability to care for my mum and provide suitable activities”

“The service has been amazing for mum. I think social interaction is very important”

“Jenny is there for all the needs and care required”

“It helps me 100% as I know G is cared for when Im not with him”

“G enjoys the day greatly with Jenny and it offers a wide range of activities to keep his mind active and stimulated””

“The service cannot be improved! Jenny does the most fantastic job in everything, I am very pleased with all the hard work she puts into making the day rewarding and enjoyable for G”

“Very good value”

“Jenny has given useful suggestions for connections”

“Extremely pleased with the service and believe my mother benefits considerably, Jenny covers every aspect very well”

“Jenny is very caring, kind and supportive”

“Bless Support far outweighed all my expectations”

“Jenny is a remarkable and innovative woman whose ceaseless energy and organisational abilities inspire her clients. She gets my mum doing activities I would never have guessed it possible for her to do!”

“The service is a lifeline for both client and carer”

“The rates are extremely competitive for which I am eternally grateful, especially for the very professional tailor made service”

“Bless Support is the very best of care, it is an innovative, supportive and caring service, constantly gravitates towards excellence”

“The client receives the best service”

“Jenny is inventive, inspirational, and provides constant stimulation”

Analysis April 2019

FOCUS – Social Care Consultants



SERVICE: BLESS SUPPORT LTD.– 19th September 2017


Focus Social Care Consultants have been commissioned by Bless Support Ltd. to undertake annual monitoring visits to assess and monitor the quality of the service being delivered.  The service provided is one of day care to promote social engagement via small tailored day groups at the home of Jenny Chapman, the Company Director, from 10am to 3pm at 16 Woodside Road Woodford Green IG80TR.  The company can also provide a one to one or one to two support service to enable people who live at home, access to social stimulation  within the community, and will also signpost to local services.

The service is for older people who would benefit from social stimulation and people of over 50 who are living with dementia, who can weight bare and are assessed as being able to safely access our support.

All clients have their needs individually assessed before making a decision as to whether a service can be provided, and Jenny Chapman is trained to support any personal care or assistance with medication that is required during the session.   

Bless Support Ltd is an independent provider so all services are charged for directly to the client or their representative via a monthly invoice. Clients may choose to use their attendance allowance, direct payments from local authority or private funding to fund the service.

Although there is no requirement for this service to be registered with the Care Quality Commission as the services provided do not constitute a regulated activity, we have focused our findings in line with the Care Quality Commission’s new method of assessing that a service is Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and Well Led.  

We met with Jenny at 16 Woodside Road, Woodford Green IG8 0TR at 10a.m. on the 19th September 2017.  Currently groups are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and activities include community visits to museums, garden centres, animal sanctuary, golfing activities and concerts etc.  Community visits are generally for the Monday group which comprises male participants at the present time, and the Wednesdays and Thursdays groups are generally inside activities at 16 Woodside Road, and these are currently mostly for female participants.


The service will support service users with medication and this is in line with its’ medication policy and procedures.  Currently there is only one service user who requires support with mid-day medication and records are kept regarding the prompting/administration of this medication.  We would recommend that where a person has capacity and consents to taking his/her medication that he/she countersigns the record sheet together with Jenny.

Infection control procedures were in place, and the service takes great care to ensure that it complies with food hygiene requirements in the preparation of lunches, snacks and drinks which are provided as part of the service, and has achieved a score of 5 from the local environmental health department.  Details of the meals prepared and eaten are maintained for the benefit of the main carers for each individual service user.

Appropriate risk assessments have been undertaken for those service users where the need had been identified, and risk assessments have been included in the care plans.  The service has also undertaken risk assessments on the home environment where the day activities take place, the garden area of the service, and also appropriate risk assessments are in place for those participating in community activities as well as group/individual activities at 16 Woodside Road.

Jenny has a good and comprehensive understanding of safeguarding vulnerable adults and knew how to keep people safe and understood her responsibilities to protect people from abuse.

Currently Jenny is the sole member of staff and has a DBS (disclosure and barring service) and appropriate references in place.


We looked at some of the service users’ files and all showed that a comprehensive pre-admission assessment was undertaken prior to them commencing with the service, and the assessment included details of the person’s current physical and mental health needs, medication, activities and other interests as well as their nutritional needs.  Care plans covered areas such as mobility, nutrition, communication, leisure and activities, and information was kept on emergency contacts etc. 

The service also has sufficient and appropriate insurance cover for both external and internal activities and transportation.

There is an accessible toilet for use by service users and access to the lounge, dining area and garden are easy and covered by risk assessments.

People were supported to have sufficient to eat and drink and people are involved in making their own choices around lunch, snacks and drinks.  Activities are an important aspect of this service and it is playing a positive role in keeping people living with dementia at home and remaining part of the community.  It is also playing an important role in supporting those family members to continue to care for their relatives who are living with dementia.

Jenny ensures that she takes with her information regarding each person when undertaking a community activity and also both she and each service user wears an identity badge in the event of an incident such as a service user wandering off, accident.  Such information would be extremely important for the use of emergency services etc.  We would recommend that Jenny transfers such information onto index cards which can then be more easily contained within a wallet in her bag.  This would negate the need for sensitive information to be kept in the car.

Reviews are undertaken annually or more regularly if a person’s needs change, and both the service user and his/her carer are involved in these reviews. 

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 applies to all adults over the age of 18 years and it is essential that capacity assessments are undertaken by the service to ensure that people’s rights are protected, and documentation around this could be improved.   Also where a relative/friend states that he/she has Lasting Power of Attorney, we would recommend that reference to this is retained in the care file as well as on any other file relating to the individual service user.  The service should also be clear as to whether or not there is a person with Lasting Power of Attorney over health/welfare as this impacts on the decision making process where a person does not have the capacity to make a specific decision around health/welfare.


Jenny has many years of experience in caring for and delivering services to people with dementia and displays great knowledge of the various and differing needs of people with this diagnosis.

A recent survey has been undertaken by Bless Support Ltd. and comments have been made which include: ‘Jenny is a wonderful caring person’; ‘lots of stimulation and support’; ‘cannot see how an excellent service can be improved’; ‘well satisfied’.  We would recommend that an analysis be undertaken of the results of the survey for the benefit of service users and their families.

From discussions with Jenny it was evident that she aspires to ensure that the service provided is person centred, that people were respected and their privacy, dignity and independence were promoted at all times.


Obviously the provision of appropriate activities is an essential aspect of this service and Jenny ensures that service users are consulted as to the activities which they wish to take part in and enjoy.  Such activities include visits to museums, garden centres, animal sanctuaries, bowling, table tennis, flower arranging, cake making, reminiscing sessions, music sessions and singalongs etc.

When out on community visits, Jenny ensures that the needs of service users are met and an example of this was that one gentleman chose to have a gammon steak for lunch at a restaurant but would have found this difficult to cut and chew.  Jenny ensured that the steak had been shredded for ease and the gentleman was able to eat and enjoy his choice of meal.

Visits are pre-planned so that Jenny can ensure that the facilities are suitable for the service users and also that she can negotiate preferential admission fees etc.

The service has introduced a website which is for the benefit of both residents and relatives, and where necessary accessible information is made available for the service users.

Complaints are taken seriously by the service and these are recorded and actioned in accordance with the service’s policy.  There are no complaints at this time.


Jenny ensures that record keeping and documentation is up to date and reviewed and this includes policies and procedures, daily records, records of medication prompted or administered, risk assessments etc. 

Contact and feed back to the main carers is also viewed as an extremely important aspect of this service, as it provides information and continuity between the service provision and the individual’s home life.

Jenny has undertaken training in dementia awareness, moving and handling, health and safety, safeguarding of vulnerable adults, first aid, medication administration, equality and diversity etc.

Although Bless Support Ltd. is not required to be registered with the Care Quality Commission, it is ensuring that it is meeting many of the Fundamental Standards around consent, nutrition, safeguarding, environment, activities, care planning and risk assessments. 

Signed:  Julie Legg                                                               Date: 19th September 2017

Signed:  Sandra Parnell-Hopkinson                                     Date:  19th September 2017